Additional Services

Beyond Our Lawn Care Programs

Every lawn is unique — what is best for another lawn may not be best for yours. Virginia Green makes it easy to customize programs with additional services, to make sure that your lawn gets the specialized care that it needs.

Soil Sampling

Annual soil sampling and testing is important to keeping your lawn at its best. If soil is too acidic, the turf cannot properly utilize the nutrients Virginia Green applies to your lawn.

Lime Application

Lime is a effective, affordable way to strengthen you soil and enhance its ability to absorb nutrients, at any time of the year.

Soil Amendment

Virginia Green’s soil amendment service benefits a wide variety of soil types, by delivering much-needed organic material that can help a lawn grow and thrive.

Grub Control

If you have 10 or more grubs within a single square foot of your lawn, you may have a grub issue. Our grub control service provides effective relief from this common insect.

Aeration & Seeding

Aeration and seeding are crucial for your lawn’s health. With double-core aeration and a proprietary, 100% weed-free seed blend, Virginia Green has the areas top aeration and seeding service.

Warm Season Aeration

Warm season lawns benefit from annual core aeration during the summer, ideally between June and July, and without seeding, in order to keep the turf strong throughout the year.

Bermudagrass Suppression

A 4-step program to reduce areas of Bermudagrass, this service consists of a combination of herbicides which severely injure Berumdagrass, but do not harm desirable grasses.

Fungicide Application

Our fungicide Application brings the benefit of effective disease control to your lawn, preventing the spread of common lawn fungi such as Rhizoctonia (“brown patch”) and Clarireedia (“dollar spot”).