A new pest – Spotted Lanternfly

Damaging insect in the western part of our state

The Spotted Laternfly is an insect that has been identified in the City of Winchester and Frederick County.

Originally this planthopper was discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014, and is commonly associated with tree-of-heaven, Ailanthus altissima. Although they are most commonly found on Ailanthus (tree-of-heaven), they can also be found on over 70 other species of trees. Now, they have the potential to be a serious threat to agriculture and home gardens located in Virginia.

These insects produce a sugary secretion called honeydew that show up a black spotty mold on branches, trunks, and man-made objects underneath trees. They can be seeing causing damage to fruit trees such as grapes, peaches, hops, and apples and pose a serious threat to agriculture and home gardens of Virginia if spread more widely.

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