Virginia Green Seed

A great lawn begins with great seed and choosing the right seed is important to your lawn’s success. For customers who wish to tackle aeration and seeding on their own, Virginia Green is selling our own proprietary seed blend. Our quality seed comes directly from our suppliers in Oregon which is 100% weed free and contains no other crop seeds. Our proprietary blend is comprised of two different fescue varieties – 97% of Tall Fescue and 3% of Kentucky Bluegrass.

Price for seed depends on quantity. For one 50LB bag, the price is $118.00. If you purchase two bags, the price is $108.00 each ($216 total). If you purchase 3 bags or more at one time, the price is $99.00 per bag. For Virginia Green customers, we will deliver your seed bags at no additional charge. Non-Virginia Green customers may call our office at 804.285.6200 and purchase seed to pick up at our Richmond location only – located at 7421 Ranco Rd, Richmond, VA 23228.